Sunday, November 06, 2005

Oh! And here is more!

Whoops, did I forget? Thats really, weally stupid of me. I am so sorry, guys, blame my overworked mind!

To phir Eid Mubarak to you, and you there, and holla, to you too!! EM2u all then :P

Allah aap ko apnay hifzoaman mein rakhay n bless you with lots and lots of more happy eids with hordes of sheer khurma and shahi tukray :) [this is what I sent as a msg ;)]

Ab to koi maray ga nahin na mujhay? :P


S.G. said...

eid greetings

JonyBr said...

Eid Mubarak partner

BTW r u Yousuf Hasan Sheikh from FAST??

uXuf said...

OMG! Dont tell me you know me :S

SG: Thanks, EM2u2!

JonyBr said...

No but i know a kid whos ur batch fellow (diff section tho), i knew u were in fast, then i saw Sportics thingy on ur blog & asked her if she knows Yousuf :)

BaptizedLucifer said...

nono hes uxuf hasan bin laden

uXuf said...

Uh oh. Are you her cousin or something? Does her name start with 'R'?

If that's so then we re in for a long drive!

BL: Mera to itna nahin lag raha but your initials sure read out like bin Laden's ;)

JonyBr said...

No i m not her cousin, just a friend, actually been more good friend with her elder sister tho.

Yes her name starts with R, the lil brat fits her best?:) doesnt it?

Small small world :) Ask her if she knows Ati Bhai (JonyBr)

uXuf said...

OH! She's one helluva demagh ki lassi! :( [But dont tell her I said THAT!]

I'd sure ask her. Did you tell her I am on a blog? *wonders*

uXuf said...

And I never did know she had an elder sister :P

Raheel said...

Walekum Eid Mubarak!

Btw this isn't looking like a comment box, its more of a convo b/w Yousuf with a capital X and Jony dada!!

JonyBr said...

uXuf Yes i did but i m not sure if shes really interested in blogs etc. & since her sister got married & left the country wo lift bhi nahi karati ab :p

Raheel... tu aap ko kis ne mana kia :p u can join in chatter box :p

uXuf said...

JonyDada: Oh! Thats bad! Waisay she does like that all the time [hope she isnt reading] :P

Raheel: Thanks, waisay I dont mind the capital X but I do mind the capital U! :P

BL said...

you mean like theees YoUsUf? :P

hey u'll see lots of boards here on construction sites saying bin laden :D

uXuf u're really scared of miss R aren't u? lol

uXuf said...

No I dont mean that. I mean Uxuf :(


That'd be better for u, all the construction sites. Do they use their acronyms? Agar hotey to you'd be really weally popular by now ;)

Aur sheesh, kisi ko batana nahin *whispers* I have a secret crush :P

sid said...

Belated EId Mubarak to u too!! and guess what i know R too.. shayad.. Lash Pash, haina? :P

uXuf said...

s!d: Matlab? Shayad? You dont know for sure?