Friday, November 25, 2005

GET 2005

Okay so the title would probably sound like the title of an earlier post, or that I am going to preach something or the other about how to get the better of you or how to conquer time etc, its not that. Its GET time again! The coolest event about FAST! (Well, not so cool, but cool nonetheless) Here is the logo: So the Gaming Extreme Tournament (GET) officially opened today for the intra-university matches. The inter-university matches will take place tomorrow. Coupla universities are sending their teams in to claim domination in Counter-Strike. They include CBM, SZABIST, IBA, NED, SSUET, TIP, CAMS and PAF-KIET. The intra-university matches included Fifa and Need for Speed: Underground as well. And there are 2 (or possibly 3) teams from FAST itself that shall take part in the inter-uni. So its gonna be totally cool and totally hip event, we even get to show the matches LIVE on wide screen at the auditorium :P How cool could it get :) So those who can accompany their respective teams tomorrow, do so! You dont wanna miss this!


Raheel said...

Hate CS = Charsi's Samaroag!!

Extiinct said...

you finally have a dhang ki pic on ur blog. the zombied looks are appropriate!!!

uXuf said...

Raheel: You dont mouth bad words about CS in front of me... :@

Extiinct: LOL! I love zombies, they make me go errrrrm (the girlie zombies, to be exact) :P

sid said...

who won?? what happened? the details??

Anonymous said...

The 25th and 26th of November saw the occurrence of a phenomenal event at FAST – NU Karachi Campus. The Gaming Extreme Tournament 2005, the 2nd chapter of a series of intra-city network gaming tournaments, was the clash of the very best gamers in Karachi.

The enormity of the event can be imagined from the fact that as many as 400 gamers from Ten universities participated to make this event a sensation. Students from PAF – KIET, NUST, PIMSAT, IQRA University, TIP, UIT,SSUET,CAMS competed for 1st and 2nd positions in immensely popular games like Counter Strike, Need for Speed Underground 2 and FIFA 2005.

The CS, FIFA and NFS finals hit the road amongst frantic cheers from the students present to support their universities. PAF – KIET stood as runners-up in Counter-Strike, second to PIMSAT who demolished all opponents in a nail biting final. The Need for Speed Underground 2 title was clinched by the home team, FAST. The success story of the event was written on the face of each and every individual who witnessed the event.

The event was hosted and managed by The Software, Information, Books and Seminars Society which is a student-governed committee of FAST – NU. The 2 days rose to illuminate the superb technical and managerial skills of the students of FAST who undaunted by the obstacles that came their way, successfully established a setup to provide live projections of all the games via wireless camera.

uXuf said...

Thank you, Hina, for the very informative comment.

Guys, this was the chairperson of SIBSS, as you would've guessed by now. SIBSS was the committee that managed the whole affair.

A great effort, indeed.