Friday, November 25, 2005

Get Original!

Okay, so I know I haven't come up with something original for the last couple of days. But that's primarily because there seems to be a lull in the blogosphere, and the few people that I read regularly are either sleeping or have taken a sabbatical from blogging. That said, I had another reason not to post, that being the Compiler Construction Project Phase II - Syntax Analysis. To all those not-so-geeky around here, a compiler is a software that recognizes and translates programs written in a particular language to stuff that the operating system can understand. We're making a compiler for a subset of Pascal, that doesnt have anything with pointers and the original types are only integer and real :) That done, yesterday, when the program was supposed to work fine (in front of the TA), it just wouldnt recognize constants placed in it! Murphy Murphy... where art thou?! Damn. The TA asked us to fix the problem and that he'll be back in a few minutes and will continue thenceforth. But what the heck. It was Jia's birthday and we had a plan to eat out, so we ate out. Matlab leaving the TA wondering where on the earth are we. Matlab pestering the TA again tomorrow or on Monday to have a look at the project. Matlab having ultimate fun with Chicken Makhnie Handi and Chicken Green Tikka at Tandoori Hut at 4 pm :P Oh, and the Gelato Affair's Ghareeb wali icecream without the money, and the drinks that were never chilled. And how can I forget the 500 wala note that the TH people thought was fake, or it wouldnt be accepted or something like that. All in all, it was a great day :) Thankyou, all of my friends.


9jia said...

n i shud also say thanx to u too bcz tafreeh karanai mai tumhari bhi sari sari contribution thi :)

1) agar tum nahi hotai to woh gAity n mujhai innocent samajh k 500 accept karleta
2) hum pak towers main tafreeh nahi kartai n ice cream nahi khatai
3) coke ki pias bhi nahi lagti mujhai :P

Extiinct said...

before the TA part started your post sounded very much like one of your earlier post about some stuff not working out=P

that said having fun is fun! Lol.

uXuf said...

The pleasure is all mine :P
Waisay I really thought k paisay agar nahin liye us ney to kya hoga ;)