Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Budddddaaaaayyyyy Jia!

Keep happy and keep us all smiling The undoubted Gossip Queen :)


sid said...

happy birthday JIA.. for somer reason i thought her name was najia coz of the 9 she adds. shollly. hope u had a blast!!

uXuf said...


koi baat nahin hota hai :P

But girl, where've you been?

9jia said...

thanx sidz :)
n usuf too for wishing me on ur blog :P

sid said...

yaaar...had these stupid reports and assignments to submit plus the end of the semester means extra khwaari. finals exam next week and i dont know sh**!! :(
i m toast.
howd GET go?? did u participate. i didnt hear abt anyone goin for IBA??

uXuf said...

Chalo koi baat nahin.. GET was cool, woh doosri baat k i didnt GET to attend it, you see, professional responsibilities :(

IBA ppl were supposed to come.. i dunno aye k nahin :(

Waisay good luck for the exams, koi masla nahin if u get fried ;) 1st sem mein hota hai aisa :P