Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Vaanya's BACK!

So it's been insanely COOL that Vaanya's coming back home!!!! TOMORROW! Yummmmmmmyyyy... I am looking forward to her visit, oh I so adore this little girl! Meanwhile let's make do with her pictures. And great ones at that =)

I am comfortable with cell phones since my birth *snooty*

And that's soooooooooo funny! The *Geek* Vaanya, like her uncle (minus the glasses) Hmmm, the food looks good here, lemme check what I want to eat... And Vaanya at Masjid-e-Nabvi

And now she'll be back for more than a MONTH! I am sooo delighted :) We'll have FUN all day round!!



sid said...

mashallah she looks so cute!! specially the blanket picture!! shes sooo cuddly wuddly.

dont forget ur promise of lettin me borrow her. :P

uXuf said...

Ofcourse I wont, so when are you coming over? :P

Waisay right now she's all picky over who she goes too, oh wait, I can hear her giggles.

sorry, gotta run, lemme check her out =)


JonyBr said...

Masha Allah yaar .... buhut pyari hai :)

mayya said...

awwwww I swear aaj kal keh bachay! the cell phone is their favorite toy and they magically know how to use it and make calls :p

spoil her silly! =D

Raheel said...

okay so she is one of the most cutest and funny child models that I have ever seen.

lots of love to her!!

Btw the foodie she looks good with glasses and a cellphone.

uXuf said...

JonyDada: woh to hai... isiliye to duel kar rahay thay hum ;) bhool gaye kya :P

mayya: mein kya keh sakta hoon :P They are smarter than us! :(

Raheel: umm.. err.. she isnt exactly a model. She's my baby!

I'll convey all of your guys' love(s) to her :P

sid said...

im gr8 wid kids, she'll come to me. i m sure. :D
and ure bringin her over. :P

uXuf said...

Dont worry she's such a cuddly little kid she gets along with everyone :)

But me coming over? sorry dude, exams catching up in a few days :P