Saturday, December 03, 2005

Pakistan burst England's Ashes bubble!

Whoa! What a performance!

Shoaib ripped and Kaneria spinned through England's pride. This is what demolition is like!

Okay so comprehensive review will come later. I didnt get to watch the match on TV! ;)


Gul said...

Wohooo *wistling* I ddnt get into updates of today. Anyways m back ji.

sid said...

*waking up from the zombie stance.
did we win??
chalein congratulations!!

uXuf said...

Gurl: Thats pretty cool. anyways you can always catch the reruns :)
Good to know you're in. I ll be out in a coupla days :\

s!d: we will win *chants* *with round eyes* *this was supposed to be a zombie* :P

uXuf said...

And you missed a thorough destruction of the English morale if you know nothing of the match :(

This could be labeled as "The Revenge of 1857" :P

Dirty Dan said...

i watched the last days play and shoaib's spell in particular - Bring on INDIA!

uXuf said...

Oh yeah! Bring 'em ONN!