Thursday, December 29, 2005

Of dominating friends and indifferent strangers

I am really sick and tired of friends trying to act cheesy but infact dominating people. I mean, get a life. You possibly cant influence other's decisions, and you possibly cant go around spewing shit and think it would make an impact. Look, its not really very hard for normal people to fathom why email passwords are exchanged. Its not about privilege, and its not being abused. If couples do exchange their passwords, its a sign of trust. Sorry if you never had such privilege bestowed upon you, I tell you, you're missing a whole lot of fun! And that doesnt come as a surprise... I just hope you never have had a male friend, if you think that female friends only console their male friends because they want to be the next in line. Just think for a moment who has the chipori zehniat here? I sincerely advise you against making male friends in the future too! She wouldnt care? She dumped him? She cringes everytime she thinks she went out with him? Actually, you're right, people are so full of themselves that it IS beyond stupid! The next moment you talk about "friends" and "acquaintances"... Girl, first get a hold on what you want to say! If she would have been so disgusted that she was going out with him, she wouldnt have been frequenting this blog... Stop twisting the crap. To the ex: We talked and quit like decent people, none of us wanted the shit to hit the fan. But as it has, I have to clean myself out. I so wish you stop being subservient to other people's whims and wringle your way out of domination! To the friend: If he asked her out, there must be something in her. There are girls who have never been asked out, and now I know why! And I thought I was being stupid!


mayya said...

ouch that was harsh but its always a good idea to vent yourself out strongly :)

I hope things are fine now hopefully :)

Exchanging passwords is personal choice but if done is one of the things which shows how blindly you trust the other person and have absolutely nothing to hide about yourself..

The friend. said...

So you're saying "the current" isn't at fault at all? Wow.

I'd say we're even where personal jibes are concerned. I might have taken offense if they were true.

She wasn't called what she was called for woo-ing. She was called that over the way she chose to handle her insecurity.

P.S: The riposte came too late=)

uXuf said...

Mayya: It always is, and then I thought to wrap up the things at the year's end. So that it would not be of any consequence in the new year ahead.

The Friend: I am not interested any more.