Friday, December 09, 2005

Face of the Decade, Vaanya. Part 1 Act 1.

Okay. Looks like I am a little late presenting this thing up. But then, all good things are late. This one goes even better :P So lets cut the crap, and get on with the show. To all the relatively new readers of my blog, Vaanya is my sweetie janu. She used to feature prominently on this place, but several complications resulted in her choosing to discontinue the limelight. But, she has very graciously agreed to make a star appearance every now and then, to keep us all amused, and a few of us, satuated. Now lets find out what she is upto now!

I am sooooooo sweeet!

Presenting the *new* Shower Gel :P

Nobody could punish me, I am so cute

Who said mafioso were only Italian?

Okay, the mafioso are tired, they need to sleep

More mischiefs are on the way, keep hooked!


Raheel said...

cutie-pie!! :)

sid said...

shes such a jaanu pie.
loads o kisses for the lil honey bunch!! cant i borrow her for a few days?? :P

uXuf said...

Raheel: :)

s!d: Sure, you can. Just wait till she gets back here :)

mayya said...

awwwwwww adorable lil baby girl
and the khajoor ka darakht reminds me of my own bachpan long long ago *sigh*

what does vaanya mean?

JonyBr said...

*Aankhain dil shape ki ban jaing*

OMG OMG i m in love again *blush*

uXuf said...

mayya: Those days were soooooooooo fun! :)

JonyDada: I warned you before too, She's only MY love!


JonyBr said...

for her, i m up for a duel *snooty*

mayya said...

don't tell me you used to have a pony tail too??!!!

oh well you guys can fight all you want *yawn*, I posted up my prince charming as well :D

uXuf said...

JonyDada: Lets duel it out!

mayya: :\ I thought u were more capable than that :\ :P

I'd love to see the prince charming btw :)

JonyBr said...

Mayya...nah no prince charming for us :p we like girls :p...btw where the link, ur profile has 2 blogs, i cant open one

uXuf, in the mean time u can deal with my choti :p if u succeed (chances r slim) then i ll see u *smooth*

uXuf said...

You can find mayya's link on my blogroll *smirks at his naiveness*

JonyDada: Whatever!
Fight with my zombies then! :P

BTW I have already conquered your choti ;) :P

Gul said...

She Rules! MashaAllah an angel in herself.

But who she is? OMG you have a daughter Yousuf?!:D

uXuf said...

Gurl: She isnt my daughter, she is my niece...

I cant wait to have a sweet daughter like her :\

mayya said...

my prince charming knows how to use cell phones =D and has an adorable 2 lower and 4 upper tooth smile =)