Saturday, October 29, 2005


If listening to Mar Dala from Devdas is weird, then I am exactly that!!!!
Matlab, I have started liking that song. It's got that odd feeling, that touches something deep inside.. strikes some long forgotten chords.. makes stuff well up again that were long deemed drowned!
Sometimes such songs help forget the miseries of the present. Living in the past is not necessarily a good thing, but then, it isnt worse either. That way atleast you get to ponder over your mistakes, if any, and shayad, somehow, you'll resolve never to repeat them!
Its great, and for a good measure, throw in a couple of MHB songs, and you can have a serene (and nostalgic) evening!


Raheel said...

Do you have some kind of wine in your hands like shahrukh or jackie?

Yes, the song does have such suroor.

uXuf said...

Ahhh, bus hotay hotay reh gayee... ;)