Tuesday, October 04, 2005



Raheel said...

I hope your project wins. Bhai zinda rehna kyunke fast wale are famous for murders lolz.

9jia said...

jaldi sai ajai na ab procom :)
laikin procom k sath sath univ life bhi khatam hojaigi :(

Gul said...

So here you came to break the suspense =).


ur specialization?!?!

uXuf said...

Raheel: Its a full fledged event! And I am incharge of its web presence! ;)

9jia: *sniffs* with her

Gul: Finally! Aur my specialization... What's FAST famous for?

GH said...

Thanks for dropping by, Good luck.

Gul said...

Despite of getting monogram of your PIOUS institute i asked abt ur specialization again bcoz u below wrote marketing somewhere in the post which is my major as well.

S!d said...

Best O Luck!!

uXuf said...

Oh my dear Gu(r)l! Acha finally lets straighten this thing out... My majors are something related to Networking or Graphics (yet to make up my mind). Waisay I am enrolled in the BS(CS) degree at FAST-NU, and at Karachi.

Marketing is assigned into the "Humanities" section at our place. You have to do certain "Humanities" and certain "CS" courses in order to complete the degree. Humanities include Accounting, Marketing, Management, Psychology, HRM etc.

And why is my university PIOUS? (are u believing in the crap spread by lowly newspapers?)

s!d: Thanks. Waisay IBA people do visit the Procom as and when it happens. We'll invite 'em for the Gaming Competition :P