Monday, October 24, 2005

I'm bored!

Got nothing to do these days, everything is, umm, boring. I'm bored of university, of office, of home. What I need to get me back into the mainstream "fun" is a substantial project. Yeah, I know I sound odd, but I need to work! Naah, study is not work for me. Infact I am bored of studies as well... Got any ideas? And did I tell you, I've got this nasty cut on the fore-side of my palm, that occurred when I was disembarking from my point? Well, its not that nasty!! But its cool! Talk about guys nursing nasty cuts just to show people how brawly they are ;)


Sara said...

Bored hmm....?y dunt u start a matchmaking bureau?dekhna sara boredome khud ba khud khatam ho jayega!lol
PS:keep me updated on how it goes k...:-P

sid said...

design a blog template for me.. howzzat for an idea?? hehe