Wednesday, October 26, 2005

To those this might concern

  • There is no such thing as full scape papers. There are only fool's cap papers, or you can call them foolscap. That's it. Please!
  • Refrain from wearing too-revealing clothes, atleast while its Ramadan. You know, us guys' rozas go down the drain!!
  • People will look whenever the show is on. So dont make a show!
  • The prefix 'www' in a domain name is only needed for the top level domains. No need of using them in subdomains. Save your time by striking out the 'www' from ''. It would work as fine.
  • My nick is supposed to be u'X'uf, not 'U'xuf. So please?

More of them coming, had loads to share but couldnt place the things now that I am here :P

Aur haan! My friends, the DC (disciplinary committee) meeting was initiated for the tour. Ya know, the joke is on... "TC ki DC!"...

Dont know yet what those people have decided, but I am positive it won't be too harsh. Only if we d have known that they will treat us like this when we get back, we'd have given the students a raw deal!

But, life goes on...


sid said...

u sound pissed off uXuf..:P

uXuf said...

LOL s!d.. No I am not pissed off :P

Just that Uxuf is a name that Mexican people use, while uXuf is not. And no, I dont want myself to be associated in any way with Mexicans, or for that matter, any other ethnicity :)

Just that!

Parhakoo said...

I can so identify with the 'show' bit- for crying out loud! and i am in no enviable position since i cannot reach out and ask a 'gori' to observe restraint (and let us do that as well. Please!). Although i believe one should respect and try and observe the sanctity of the month.

Am here for an on-the-job training. Back this sunday. was tiring, but good.

interesting blog you got here.

Anonymous said...

Parhakoo, thanks. You cant be blamed. This happens in our very own dearly Islamic country. WE should practice restraint first, then perhaps preach to others.

And I am practicing it now!

Gul said...

This random post left me idle :P

LOL, when i first heard uXuf so first thought came accross my mind was about an abbriviation of fund raising company.
Does this pseudonym goes for Yousuf?

uXuf said...

Gurl! uXuf stands for Unit Xperienced in Ultimate Fighting! (:P check out the side bar) hehe

Waisay sheesh kisi ko batana nahin ;)

Extiinct said...

Stop trying to fool everyone=P

Kisne kaha tha ke naam ke saath itne jhanjat rakho? uXuf, Uxuf? what's the difference. What's in a name anyway.

Raheel said...

Uxuf jee.. naam mein kia rakha hai =P

uXuf said...

Oho! Naam mein hi sab kuch hai, remember the ad "Naam hee kaafi hai?" :P

Khair is k peechay bhi ek lambi kahani hai, the naam I mean. But just to cut a long story short the actual thing is 'uXuf', with a capital X. Symmetrical purposes k liye tha originally yeh, ab to khair kaheen ghayeb hee hogaya hai :P

You guys can call me with a small x but please dont do it with a capital 'U'!!!