Friday, February 04, 2005

ProCom 2005

The event finally commenced today. The striving efforts of almost 2 months finally paid off today. The turnout was nice. Software competition and Programming competition saw the most participants, while the gaming was the most vied-for thing. And ofcourse, the most hot spot was the Food Court. The event started with the declaration by Dr. Hilal Qureshi, that was around ten something. A bit late I guess, but then this is Pakistan. I had to manage a few seminars. The first seminar was from Shell Tameer people, on Entrepreneurship. Gee, most people dont even know how to spell it! And then parallel to this there were the software competition, programming and gaming competitions. Some kids [school kids, really!] defeated the guys from NED Engineering University. Amazing, isnt it? And then there was this hot girl on the AVA stall. Gee, but then what could I do? Most of the crowd milling in the Food court was ofcourse due to her! The event continues tomorrow, but I dont think I ll be able to make it tomorrow. You can visit the ProCom website here. By the way, I had designed that website!

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