Thursday, February 24, 2005

Hit, hit, hit!!

Good days dont remain for long. Bad days, they dont remain for short! The Computer Communication and Management marks are declared. So it goes for Databases too, but I couldnt find my final marks in the spreadsheet. CC got puked by only 1 mark, or I'd have got an A- [in case you dont know, the grade before A- is B+ i.e. 3.33]. Management, I have a B in that [3.00]. I decided to approach Ayaz Ahmed for that 1 mark, but then thought, what the heck, self-esteem bhi aakhir koi cheez hoti hai! Anyways Databases hasnt got my final marks supplied anywhere, so I cant say how I am faring in that. The final exam itself had puked very nicely, so I cant really expect much, but looking upon other people's marks in the exam, I can hope something above a 60. Not that a 60 would help much in my quest of atleast a B, but one should never keep too high a hope, right? [Damn I still *hope* I get atleast 68 in the final!!!]

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uXuf said...

I know [Rolling eyes].

One should possess a very fine buttering sense in order to succeed at the university level!