Monday, February 21, 2005

A new look!

Seriously I have been fed up with the age-old sober template of my blog. It was time for a change, and a change that is nice. Since the day I hooked up with blogger I had decided that I would put up my own template. But, time forbidding, I wasn't able to do it. Yes I have started to do it bit-by-bit. I am only changing the image right now, but that's the theme I have in mind for the new template. No, I am not a Counter-Strike junkie, but yes, I do play it. And like it too. And I would acknowledge the CS team too. The whole template would be up in a few days time. I hope you guys like it. Do keep me updated about it, if you like it. If you dont, then drop me a hint ;). On edit: I dont know why the image isnt displaying. Something to do with the CSS of the page. I'll try to fix it up. Meanwhile, keep checking for updates. And if the web displays any abnormail behaviour, please drop me a tidbit, as I may fix it accordingly.

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Anonymous said...

Invaluable words, indeed. I agree with you whole-heartedly.