Saturday, February 19, 2005

The cold!

Its effingly cold in here. The official Met broadcast says the mercury dipped to 09 degrees yesterday. That's cold enough, by our standards. Yesterday only I was talking to Sumreen [she is living in Toronto] and guess what she said when I told her about our plethora? "thtz like summer coming for us...i don even wear jacket at tht time." Yeah right! But still we aren't supposed to this kind of sardi at all! The coming days might bring a relief to us all. The forecast says it would be 10-12 degrees in the next few days. But still, its a totally new kind of thing for us here. February is usually heralded as the start of spring [and warm weather] here at this part of the world. This is totally unexpected. And then for some the cold weather is like a blessing. Look at this: Sumreen : yar sardi mein mujhe best neend aati hai Me : haan yeh to hai Sumreen : b4 going to bed...i put the comforter the roomz cold n bedz warm..den jus jump in n sleep Me : waisay mujhay thruout the year best neend ati hai Me : :P Sumreen : lol..ya i can imagine Me : :D Me : i m a sound sleeper Me : without the sounds, ofcourse Sumreen : ahaan Sumreen : :D Sumreen : sure...u don no..u havnt heard ur self yet Me : well but still As you can see, doesnt matter for me much, whether its summer or winter! On the other day, somebody was commenting that people look cute in winters [especially the opposite sex]. And then they feel that university in the winters is an entirely different place, especially right in the morning, when people look fresher, with that sleepy look on their face. I, unerringly, agree with them.

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