Thursday, November 25, 2004

A long bout of vacation!

Hourlies ended on Tuesday, I groovied on tuesday. No, not exactly groovied, err, not enjoyed as well either. Gosh! Had to attend a wedding ceremony, and how tedious they can get. Heck! We had decided to take wednesday off, and so we did! Though I never went to the university today either. Had to visit Xeb's office. I so wish that he'd bring me the web material soon so I'll get some bucks in return. I need those bucks, yeah need! Aanji's birthday was yesterday. I hope it went fine for her, atleast till 7 in the evening it was going fine, her papa sent her a birthday cake from somewhere in Upper Punjab. I wonder what I'll gift to her. I just wonder, nothing expensive, nothing cheap either. No, not a pendant, that would be too suggestive, certainly not some book, she would half-read it. Why not drop the idea? I'll buy her something when I'll really think of something :)

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