Friday, November 26, 2004

An era has ended!

With the dissolution of Webmasters, an era has ended in the history of FAST-NU Karachi campus. Why is it hurting me, well, principally because I was the Chief Designer. Most hurting it would be to the chairman and vice chairman. I can share their grief. Campus politics takes its toll on innocuous students. The internal skirmishes between Ayaz Ahmed and Rashda Mehmood culminated in the dissolution of Webmasters. Were we not an entity? Higher-ups exercise their powers like that. In a country where national assemblies are dissolved on the whims of higher-ups, what status does a graduate-level committee holds? It was a memorable experience working with them. We jointly developed Horizon, the FAST website. Held workshops on HTML and ASP.Net. All in all it was a time well-spent. Anyways that was enough for the tombstone of the team. Fresh interviews are tomorrow in the conference room. I ll do my best to grab the post of the chairman if no seniors stuck their necks in between. I'll get that post, inshALLAH.

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