Thursday, May 18, 2006

There you go!

Abdullah :)

Vaanya - Taking pictures of herself :P

Something mischievious?

The P&G people had postponed the interviews because we were having our mids. Not that that would've made any difference to me, but some of the more parhakoo peers had protested on the interview schedule. Now the interview is scheduled on May 23, next Tuesday.

I have been offered a place at the University of Essex. Isnt that exciting?!!! The International Officer was wholly impressed by me, as, uh ofcourse, I was at my charming best *winks*

The semester starts in October. Lets see if I take it up or not. And this was one of the main reasons I wasn't interested in P&G, but lets wait and see what comes out of it. I think I am gonna discuss it with the P&G people. Or maybe not.

Oh and did I tell you I am deeply in love with Soha Ali Khan, with her most stylish dresses in Rang De Basanti. I am rarely impressed by actresses, but she scores a large one with me.

*aankhon mein heart wala emoticon*
Go Soha Go!


mayya said...

bhaar mey jayee soha! look at these beautiessssssssssssss hayeeeeeeeeee! I can bet an arm and leg that the pink bib Abdullah's wearing in the first picture belongs to Vaanya ;)
and congrats on getting into Essex! why don't you get your admission deferred for a year, work at p&g earn moolah, get me hired there and then leave for a masters, that way you can rejoin there at a better position

sid said...

jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanu bache...
exactly for get soha, 'aankhon mein heart wale emoticon' se abdullah and vaanya ko dekhing. i was goin to ask abt the pink bib too..
congrats on essex..go for it boy. u'll get better than p&g when u come back. most ppl i know dont have the motivation to study further once they get a good paying job.

uXuf said...

Yeh bachay to meri life hain in k saamney soha ya katie koi meaning nahin rakhteen.. lekin phir bhi soha ko bhar mein nahin dala jasakta, she's my latest crush *phir say aankhon mein heart wala emoticon*

Mayya, s!d is right, I just cant take a break from studies. Meri abhi jo halat hai I know if I took a break I wont ever come back to full-time studies again.

P&G ka interview is on tuesday, lets see how things develop on that front. Phir kuch socha jayega...

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Extiinct said...

Beautiful niece&nephew you have:) Absolutely adorable!

Congragulations on getting into Essex. Wait things out...time has a way of solving half our problems:) Eventually u'll be left with one choice. Hehe