Friday, May 05, 2006

Again... :\

Two cell phones in two weeks, am I bound for the Guinness or what?
Last time I was kidding about the Karate classes, now I am seriously thinking of joining them. Or might enrol at the local Sector House...
The next time I ll be pooling money to buy a new, no, not a cell phone, but a gun! Contribute whatever you can to this noble cause!


sid said...

its coz of cowards like u my dad doesnt get me a new cell, 'chori ho jaaye ga'!!

i hate u.

mayya said...

howd it happen? chori ya did someone snatch/steal it?

uXuf said...

sid: :\
bandooq k saamney sab ki hawa ghayeb hojati hai.. mein konsa tees-mar khan hoon?

Assure your dad that girls are the safest in terms of mobilephone snatching victims :s

mayya: beta GRE mein 1390 kaisay aya? chori or steal mein kya farq hai? :\

Gunpoint pe hua sab tamasha... fikar not mere pas bhi anay wali hai ab gun *devilish laugh*


mayya said...

darn! gunpoint stuff is pretty traumatic. Khair get a toy pistol! hehe it might work or a water pistol add water mixed with laal mirch and then spurt it in the chor's eyes

uXuf said...

LOL mayya that's exactly what I had in mind! :P

Hmmm, Great minds do think alike!