Friday, January 13, 2006

My second-last finals of the bachelors!

And they have officially started!
I have been through Compiler and Psychology, only Marketing and Software Engineering II remain!
We have reached to the conclusion that the person teaching us Compiler does not know a thing about exams, how should they be structured, what topics to cover etc.
Psychology wholly sucked, not because I am a sucker at it, but because all the Eid preparation and then the nikah, and the various shadis preceding it... But then I think considering my mids marks, I would get a decent grade in it :)
Haan I attempted it like a logical paper, so you dont have to show off on me :P
Baqi logon ko eid mubarak phir say, aur gosht kha kha kar gosht mat ban jana, thora ghareebon k liye bhi baant dena!!!


sid said...

best o luck for the rest!!

oh..n dont worry, its not just ur compiler teacher. i know many of those teachers.

ps: aap ka nikah ho gaya?? :P

uXuf said...

Haan s!d, I really need some prayers :)

aur nikah mera nahin tha, mere bhai ka tha.. updates later ;)