Saturday, January 14, 2006

A milestone

Did I tell you that my blog has crossed the 200 posts mark? And this one, actually, is the 210th!! Ah, I think its high time I should write a letter to my blog ;)


mayya said...

me too yayy :D does that mean I have to write a letter to my blog too?

JonyBr said...

nakal chor *snooty* btw congrates :p

uXuf said...

mayya: I dont think you know the history of writing letters to blogs :P

You must be one helluva fast blogger, No wonder you'll overtake me soon!

JonyDada: Thanks :P
Waisay likhon kya letter mein?

mayya said...

hain, tell me whats the history of writing letters to blogs?

sid said...

uxuf: congratulations...lolz. :)

mayya: jony dada here wrote his blog a letter when he completed a 100 posts. 100, wasnt it? uxuf followed and wrote his blog a letter as well. he's goin to do it again.. just starting a new trend. :P

Gul said...


then u wud be nerd for sure!

bcoz its been almost 1.5 yrs to my blog and i just did 115 post :(.

JonyBr said...

uXuf, i wouldnt say :) Its ur blog...write whatever u wish, if u start writing about publics demand, it wont be a blog anymore....nai? :p

Raheel said...


uXuf said...

mayya: ab to pata chal gaya hoga abt the history :)

s!d: Thanks :P

Gul: Nerd, yeah. But most of the bloggers around here are non-nerd. And if the speed of blogging classifies one as being a nerd, then mayya here would be a super nerd!

JonyDada: The blog is as much an insight into the inner me as it is for the people around me :) got the point?

Raheel: Thanks!