Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Worldcup funny/ridiculous jerseys award!

I have been busy with my exams, and of course, the world cup. Though I am not getting enough time to follow all the matches, I usually manage to catch some of the interesting ones.
The World cup is in full swing. It is an honour for any player to wear his national colours on a world cup pitch, but hey, what were the designers of the jerseys thinking?
Here are my favourite funny/ridiculous national jerseys of teams that we see in action:

On 7th place is the 'design' of the world cup. I seriously dont have an idea of who ever came up with this design, a white looping out of the neck and burying itself somewhere in the armpits...

Next at 6th place is the Italian Away jersey. I admit it looks cool on the mannequin, but in action, the V of the neck is a little too-low, drooping like a well-worn V-neck sweater!

Whoever thought of draping Paraguay in their national colours, obviously was sleep-deprived. The jersey looks like a sleeping gown! Well-deserved for 5th place!

At number 4 is the Netherlands with their away shirts. I must say, retro is definitely not in. Seems to me they lifted the design straight out of a Boris Becker tee.

There was stiff competition for the last three places, but their are shirts more ridiculous than the ill-fitting Mexican shirts. How on earth would people feel wearing THAT shirt? The designers obviously forgot testing how the 'thing' would look on their players.

Giving a pretty hard time to the judges was the France Away jersey at No. 2. Though the base design of this jersey is pretty neat, the bold spectrum that runs on the chest makes the jersey looks like an ill-designed Flash presentation. Is it necessary to get so different as to make a mockery of yourself?
And the most funny/ridiculous World Cup jersey award goes to.....


The Home jersey bears the colours of the flag of Angola, with black representing the African nations, the red depicting the blood of the Africans that died fighting for their homelands, and the yellow stands for something in their flag. All is well, but who asked you to keep the base colour RED?

So that was the World Cup's most funny/ridiculous jerseys awards, tune in again for another set of awards soon!


sid said...

i forgot wat team that was but the res and white checked jerseys were pretty wierd too.

uXuf said...

Yeah, they're Croatia, and they dont seem to understand. They're pretty consistent with that design and think they look great in it.

They should have a special award dedicated to them..