Saturday, April 29, 2006


The girl was absolutely fair, fairer than anyone I have seen before. An epitome of beauty, a symbol of perfection. The eyes were hazel, a well formed nose, high cheek bones, rosy lips complemented by the obligatory til (mole).

I got thinking, why is a til obligatory on fair faces? A horde of pure black on an otherwise fair face, what has it got to do with it, apart from completing the beauty?

And then it hit me like lightening... that those tils are necessary on those fair faces, to remind them to thank Allah for granting them such beautiful faces. If He would have deemed appropriate, the whole face could've been a huge black til....!!


sid said...

* rasied eyebrows

mayya said...

*whines* I don't want to read about girls, write about cute guys ;) they are your domain of interest too na

uXuf said...

s!d: raised one eyebrow or both?

mayya: I do talk about myself all the time, kabhi to larkion k baray mein bhi karni chahiye na :P

Faraz-H said...

well said