Wednesday, April 19, 2006

And so I thought...!

..that this was a hot blog _frequented_ by many readers..
..that I was a _celebrity_ blogger..
..that people would _miss_ me so much they ll _inundate_ my inbox with requests to come back..
THAT I had friends who'd be trouble by my absence!!!
Ah well.. merey sapnon ka mahal dharam say neechay agira!!!
Never mind, I have been busy shifting the house, and the fact that the phone system is a little edgy at the new place doesnt help much! Plus, the Procom thing, its keeping me busy as hell! Thank God its scheduled for this weekend, ie Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd April 2006.. I ll be faarigh after that :) and back to blogging business!!!
Meanwhile you can check out my (team) work at
Make me happy :(


mayya said...

awwww but you told us the reason why you were away

but seriously, were you shifting somewhere nearby or to mars?

uXuf said...

Hahaha, I dont think Mars is hooked up to the internet :P

the cable walla decided to give me a run for my money, so the long absence :\

But, I am back! :)