Thursday, August 25, 2005

Inside story!

Its not that inside a story, but still, if anybody of you people is hooked up on, then try to start forgetting it. They are launching the site (officially) in a few days, and WHAM! It will be off for all Pakistani/asian users. Shocking? Yeah. Atleast for the time being. They build the site in Pakistan, with Pakistani talent, hardwork; and they close the doors on Paksitanis! All Pakistani IPs will be blocked, and it will be launched in the US, cause they say, its made for US! Duhhh! *speechless* PS: If you havent yet seen the site, dont bother at all. Its pretty crappy.


JonyBr said...

My IP says i m from HK, can i take a peek?

uXuf said...

I think we are not HKians now :P

If you wanna take a peek, go ahead. But I am not promoting the website!

And you'll need an invitation to join. (hint hint!)

Raheel said... sucks!!

JonyBr said...

I think kahin kisi konay mein invite hoga inbox mein ..or maybe i joined it once & forgot ? khair if it sucks tu it sucks not visiting than :p

uXuf said...

Raheel: Does it suck cuz it sucks or it sucks because it will close its doors on its very mentors?

JonyDada: If you still want an invite, I can provide you with one. A few of my friends are on the development team :P (Talk about being a traitor ;))

little Princess said...

i don't understand though...why are they banning pakistanis and asians?

uXuf said...

Because the site was intended for US high schools. If you login there now, you ll be redirected to a page that will ask you whether you want US high schools or Non-US high schools.

But I think a clear delineation is pretty much difficult!