Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Apple Software Update

With all the talk about Apple apparently forcing Safari on unsuspecting users through the Apple Software Update, I wanted to get a piece of it too. Apple Software Update is usually installed if any software from Apple is installed on your computer, like iTunes or QuickTime. I had iTunes installed on my system as I found it quite convenient to use my iPod with, and since then it (iTunes) has become my de facto audio player.

So I fired up Apple Software Update, and voila! There was no Safari in the list, let alone being checked by default. There was an update to Apple Software Update though, and an update to Apple QuickTime + iTunes. So I randomly updated Apple Software Update to the latest version, and when the update completed, there I had little Safari sitting innocently on my list checked already :)

Moral of the story: Update your Software Update before quipping on Apple.

Epilogue: I might give Safari a spin, because I had played a bit with it when the public beta came out last year. But I am not terribly impressed, not much to ditch my existing Firefox 3 Beta 5, which itself is light years fast of Firefox 2.

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