Saturday, August 19, 2006

Blogger Reds

There seems to be (yet again?) a problem with my Blogger template. It somehow magically decided to just fly away, leaving me with a bunch of useless code. The backup of my customized template was in my puked up PC, which refuses to connect to the LAN.

So I have uploaded a temporary template, a very stripped down version. But hey, it would load faster, isnt it?

Bear with it for a few days. I'll bring up a rocking new template!


mayya said...

yaaaaar banda dhang ki post hi likh deita hai :p

uXuf said...

Dhang bolay to?

Insanely busy and preoccupied these days, nothing much to talk about.. phir Blogger ne dagha de di..


Raheel said...

maiko bhi ek rapchik template ki talaas hai!

uXuf said...

Raheel: abhi to I am tweaking and playing with the Blogger codebase... jab i ll be satisfied k what exactly are the things that I want, I ll unveil the template ;)