Friday, July 08, 2005

38 dead, 700+ injured

Seriously, I am fu*king tired of all this politicks. Seriously. And I am seriously tired of everything being blamed on Al-Qaeda, and again, seriously tired of Al-Qaeda if it's really behind all these things.

Whosoever is behind this all, they'll never care about anyone. No, you're not doing Muslims any good if you're Al-Qaeda and you're behind it, nor this is Allah's war. No, killing innocent people is NOT jihad. Allah doesnt likes it either.

If you're another capitalist mob trying to further your aim, then I must salute you. Killing your own people for benefits that wont last long? Salaam aap ki azmat ko!

Or if you're just a splinter/liberation group, like Irish/Palestinian people, then I just might understand your apathy. And then I must invite you to come in my very own city and plant a bomb at my very own home. Please!

Let us live in peace, let us live in one piece!

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